Phase One Medium Format System

Starting in 2011 all of my work is done using the Phase One system and Cambo Technical Camera. I use the IQ260 (60 megapixel) Digital Back (sensor.) The native print size on the 60mp back is 22 x 30 inches. While there are pros and cons to all camera systems, this helps tremendously when large prints are the norm.

Medium Format is the tool of choice for Landscape photography, but very expensive. In 2010 I sold all of my 35mm gear and made the move to a tool that was made for Landscape photography. Having made this move I can say that there is no truth to the rumor that Fine Art Prints just fly out of a Medium Format camera. It's still up to the Artist to create Art.


Phase One P65


Phase One IQ260 - 60 MegaPixel Digital Back (Sensor)






Cambo Wide RS Technical Camera. My camera body of choice for super Wide Angle compositions.

Phase One P65




Sony A7ii - 24mp Fullframe Mirrorless camera. I use this when the lightest gear is needed.

Phase One P65




FujiFilm X100s. 16 Megapixel Rangefinder Mirrorless camera. For fun!