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Ordering Prints

As our products are hand-made to order, and have matting and framing options, most prefer to call us to discuss their order. For contact details click on the Contact link below. We can go over the order specifics, and take your credit card over the phone. The second option is to use the above table to place the order, selecting Matted or Framed. We will follow-up with an email to get the details. All of our Fine Art Photos have a product ID that can be referenced on the Portfolio pages.

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Shipping is not included in the prices listed above.

Texas residents will be charged 8.25% Sales Tax


Gallery Wraps

We also offer Gallery Wraps (printing on canvas) on request. Currently we are using Breathing Color Lyve and Hahnemuhle Canvas. (see samples)


Artist Signature

All prints are signed by the Artist both on the Print border (under the mat) and on the Mat itself. This way the piece could be re-matted if needed, and the signature is still on the Print. The Mat is signed on the front.

We also place a mini Certificate of Authenticity Label on the back of the Mat and the Frame. Limited Edition Prints come with a larger Certificate of Authenticity in a booklet.


What is a Pano?

Panoramics are photos that are typically twice as wide as they are high, or more. (2:1 Aspect Ratio) Mark Esposito: Often I will electronically stitch together multple photos to create this very wide view of the landscape at an extremely high resolution. These very wide pieces are perfect for hanging over a fireplace or any wall that has a lot of width. A friend of mine has a very large panorama in his hallway at eye-level, and it's usually the first topic of conversation.


Mats and Frames

We use the highest quality museum matboard (Nielsen-Bainbridge) and Archival grade tapes and corners. We can Mat in Off-White or Black.

We have a number of solid wood Frames. For the sizes up to 24x30 we have a couple of Black options, Walnut, and Walnut-Cherry, all very high-quality. The Black is a traditional thin museum 1" Frame. The Walnut is 2.5", and the Walnut-Cherry is 2". For larger size pieces we use 3" and 4" frames. We find the frames up to 2.5" look very good up to 24x30 and the smaller pano size of 18x30. Pieces larger than that tend to look better with wider frames. (3"-4") Of course it's a matter of taste and preference. These are general guidelines.

The portfolio pages show our prefered frame just to give at least one good option. Many photos and color palettes can work with multiple frames, even Black vs warmer wood tones.



walnut cherry

- 4" Wood Frame for larger pieces

MOL7 MOL7_hand

(click frame for sample)


Glass and Acrylic

For anything larger than 16x20 we use UV-protected Acrylic instead of Glass. Optionally, we offer Tru View Optium Museum Acrylic® which is the highest quality non-glare (clear) Acrylic. This is not a fuzzy etched arcylic. It is as clear as glass. This is pricey but highly recommended in tough lighting where there may be lots of reflections from lights or windows. We don't mark-up the price on Optium. Call for pricing.


Print Sizes

The Mat and Frame sizes listed above are mostly exact, but the print sizes will vary slightly based on the composition. For example, a 16x20 Mat can take a 11x14 or 12x15 print. The Mat window is custom cut for the print size.

In the case of Panoramic size frames, 18x30, 20x40, 30x60, the smaller side can optionally be a few inches larger, so 20x40 can be 23x40 to allow for more even mat margins. The longer side is always as indicated. Keep in mind when measuring space that a 40" wide frame may actually be 44-46 inches wide, depending on the width of the frame. 40 inches is the size of the opening.


Limited Edition Prints

The 40 inch and higher sizes are produced in Limited Editions, usually 200. The other sizes are all Open Editions. For example, a Print of a piece called Sunrise at Yosemite in 16x20 is an Open Edition Print, but that same piece printed at 30x40 is a Limited Edition numbered print.

With an Open Edition print I will go through the process of creating a new print - as many times as needed to keep stock of that print, and offer it for sale.

With a Limited Edition print, each time a new print is made, it is numbered. (ie. 23/200 or - print twenty-three of a maximum run of two-hundred) Once the final number is reached, in this case 200 in that size, no more additional prints will ever be made for that piece in these larger sizes. This adds collectible value to the larger print sizes.


- Mark Esposito (Contact Us)