The Alamo and the Missions of San Antonio

The Alamo
The Alamo

San Jose Landscape
Espada Landscape
Concepción Landscape
San Juan Landscape
Espada Chapel
San Jose Tower
Concepción Stairs
Concepción Doorway
Espada Door
Concepción Fresco
San Juan Spring
San Juan Spring

The Missions project was a six-month undertaking that started with multiple trips to San Antonio in 2010. My objective was to create fine art renditions of these unique historical sites. They started out as color photographs, but it became clear early on that the Black and White versions were more beautiful and conveyed a stronger sense of history.

San Antonio has four missions and the Alamo, and they are all included here. The whole set is available in a very special folio booklet containing fine art prints of all of the above images.

They are also now available at the Alamo and the San Jose Mission, so if you're in San Antonio stop by and visit.


The Alamo

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The Missions Store at Mission San Jose

The Missions of San Antonio are run by the National Park Service. My Missions series of photos are available at the Missions store at the San Jose Mission.

Missions Store

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